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January 16, 2024

R4N Annual Conference 2023

We hosted our first annual conference on the 10th November in London, which nearly 200 people attended  in person and 100 people online.  This whole-day event was full of inspiring talks from network members and guest speakers from multiple disciplines and perspectives. We were honoured to have Professor Steven Williams as our Keynote speaker, whose work focuses on improving access and application of MRI for global health studies using recent developments in Ultralow Field Neuroimaging in the Young.  A short summary of this event can be seen on our news tab.


A great thank you to all those who attended, spoke and helped organise this event.

Below are the recordings and slides from the event.


Due to the confidentiality of some of the work not all slides are available.

Video recordings have been edited and not all aspects were recorded e.g the Keynote speaker.




Morning Sessions Recording


Afternoon Sessions Recording


Full Programme




Session 1: Keynote Speaker


Rapid Fire Poster Presentations:







Session 2: The 4 Pillars of Respect Neurodevelopment​

  • Responsible Neurotechnology,                                          ​
    Prof Eva Loth, King’s College London​
    SÍofra Heraty, Birkbeck, University of London​




  • Personalised Neurotechnology, ​
    Prof Emily Jones, Birkbeck, University of London​ [not currently available]


Session 4: Pump-prime feasibility study awards 2023​




  • Immersive Virtual Reality for MRI scanning of awake young children with neurodevelopmental conditions​. Prof Jo Hajnal, King’s College London​ [not currently available]


Session 5: Perspectives across the network​