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Discover our wide range of educational activities and events, including our online Lunch and Learn webinar series, workshops, dedicated working groups and mentorship programmes for Early Career Researchers.


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Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

Next Lunch and Learn Webinar is 24th June 2024. A monthly online event, 1-2pm UK time. See details for our inspiring list of future and past speakers and link to previous recordings.


Early Career Researcher Network (ECR)

We have an active Early Career Researcher Network to train the next generation of researchers in multi-disciplinary aspects of Neurotechnology. From peer to peer group mentorship to cross – sector secondments drawing on senior expertise.


Responsibility Working Group

This group identifies research priorities and challenges for the responsible development and use of neurotechnologies, and aims to develop principles of how to address them.


Reliability Working Group

The Reliability Working Group is working towards standardising approaches within technologies, such as EEG, fNRIS, fMRI, MEG, ultrasound, eye-tracking or apps but also across technologies to improve comparability of data acquired by different teams or in different settings.


Scalability Working Group

Most neuroimaging tools can only be used in research or hospital settings and are expensive. The goal of the scalability working group is to thus to understand how as a community we can overcome these challenges, to make sure that the neurotechnology we use are affordable, accessible, and representative for all children and families.


Personalisation Working Group

The Personalisation Working Group aspires to move away from one-size-fits-all neurotechnology and towards more inclusive and adaptable technology for neurodivergent individuals across developmental stages.


Participatory Research Group (PPI)

The Participatory Research Group is central to the network. Members include those who identify as neurodivergent and have first-hand lived experience, parents/ family members of children with different neurodevelopmental conditions and varying support needs, and professionals (teachers, support workers). Participatory research is critical to learn more about what matters the most to the users of existing and future neurotechnologies.


Industry Members

We have members from multiple industries in our network and this membership is increasingly growing. 


Annual Conference 10th November 2023

See News for summary of this conference event.