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March 14, 2023

Scalability Working Group

The scalability working group has established a core committee of Dr Tomoki Arichi, Professor David Delpy, Professor Tim Smith, and Dr Paola Pinti.


Most neuroimaging tools can only be used in research or hospital settings and are expensive. The goal of the scalability working group is to thus to understand how as a community we can overcome these challenges, to make sure that the neurotechnology we use are affordable, accessible, and representative for all children and families.


The key priorities and objectives of the working group have been discussed. Scalability can have different meanings in different contexts, each with their own specific implications for the field. The group have been working on what the “scalability” term means to their field to ensure that the working group can be inclusive and representative of all stakeholders.  Members leading the discussion on what scalability means is:

Sanjana Gandhi​
Rianne Haartsen​
Virginia Carter-Leno​
Louisa Gosse​


Through multi-model integration of technologies we can make devices more wearable and mobile.



Other challenges this working group are addressing are how generalisability of findings across different context.

  • How does geographical location affect measurement / assessments?
  • How can tasks be comparable and thus meaningful across different ages and/or stages of development? ​
  • Making methods acceptable – across age, culture and context.
  • Training and expertise.