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Dr Elizabeth Burchell

Network Communications Officer

Elizabeth Burchell is a neurodevelopmental psychologist working in the area of child development.  Her research work covers areas of language development, social development and educational support for those with neurodivergent conditions (specifically Downs syndrome, Word Finding Difficulties, Autism and William syndrome, Dyslexia).  In particular, she is interested in and has most recently been looking at individual differences and developmental trajectories in children with Down syndrome (from the LonDownS Infant stream) to aid identification of key areas for support.  Her work has also included helping to understand what factors contribute to a good practice such as inclusion and how practices around transition impact mental health in these populations (transitions from primary to secondary school and investigating transitional changes in education for families and neurodivergent children during the COVID-19 pandemic).  Her work seeks to increase the child’s voice within these frameworks and provide a place for them to flourish.


Personal statement: 

My interest in the network has come from my experience of working with families of neurodivergent children.   We have so much to learn from each other, the users, the creators and the implementers of neurotechnology which can shape the future towards being more inclusive and supportive towards maximising every child’s developmental journey.