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Professor Ilias Tachtsidis

Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Ilias Tachtsidis is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at University College London. He is a senior member of the Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory and leads the MultiModal Spectroscopy group and the MetaboLight team. His work is cross-disciplinary integrating engineering, physics, neuroscience and clinical medicine; with the research focus to engineer the next generation of optical near-infrared systems to image the brain. His team currently develops neurotechnology instruments based on broadband Near-Infrared Spectroscopy systems or bNIRS with the capacity to monitor and image both brain oxygenation and metabolism.


Personal statement­­

I am an engineer working at the interface of optical technology developments and biomedical/clinical applications. My motivation is based around the idea that there is an urgent need for new sensing technologies to drive the innovations in healthcare and in particular to improve our understanding of brain function. I want to transform imaging of brain health and function with simple, reliable, non-invasive, objective, and universally applicable techniques. To deliver this transformation we need to work as a community and I am confident our network will facilitate this.