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Our network aims to bring together:


  • Families and people with lived experience who advise on the requirements, priorities and concerns from users so to ensure that the neurotechnologies we develop are desired, responsible, and ethical;  


  • Bioengineers and physicists from academia and industry working on a range of next generation neuroimaging, wearable and portable technologies (but may have limited access to families and professionals who will use their technologies),  


  • Neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians,and clinicians working on early brain development and neurodevelopmental conditions who need these technologies for early detection, personalised support, therapies or monitoring (but may not be aware of cutting-edge advances),  


  • Ethicists and legal experts to consider the ethical and legal issues arising from this new field,  


  • Health care providers, regulators and policy makers who advise about the requirements for approval of new technologies, and their implementation in the health care system.