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What is the network doing? 


  1. It is building an inclusive multi-disciplinary community by creating a virtual hub to identify and access relevant multi-disciplinary expertise, contact and resources. 
  2. It is organising online webinars and face-to-face workshops  
    • Lunch and learn webinar series: Our lunch and learn webinar series presents ongoing research and different perspectives from our network members. The goal is for members form different communities to literally ‘learn each others’ language’ and to provide input and comments from one’s own perspective 
    • We also organise ad-hoc workshops on specific topics 
  3. It has set-up working groups. Our working groups identify barriers, drivers and priority areas for the use of specific neurotechnologies (MRI, EEG, fNIRS) in specific target populations (infants, toddlers) and for specific purposes (biomarkers, intervention). We aim to disseminate results of each working group as white papers (and encourage Early Career Researchers to take the lead). In Year 3 of the network  we will integrate advances from each working group to create a strategic roadmap that defines the go-no go criteria for different stakeholders to use particular neurotechnology in the clinic or at home. 
  4. It will fund and carry out innovative Pump-prime feasibility studies for cross-sector collaborations;  
  5. We have an Early Career Researcher Network to train the next generation of researchers in multi-disciplinary aspects of Neurotechnology which 
    • Organise training workshops and a summer school  
    • Peer-to-peer and senior mentorship programmes are in progress
    • Support cross-sector secondments and study visits