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Kimberley Whitehead (co-chair) represents her EEG group, which will be based within the Applied Technologies for Clinical Care research division at King’s College London from September 2023. She is a Clinical Scientist in Neurophysiology, and has a special interest in sleep-wake cortical activity after acquired fetal and neonatal brain injury. 

Lorenzo represents the Infant Pain and Somatosensory Imaging (IPSI) group at University College London. He is an expert in the functional analysis of somatosensory and pain processing in the preterm human brain. He is a Medical Research Foundation Fellow and leads a multi-disciplinary group including bioengineers, neuroscientists and clinicians.

Helene Vitale represents the U-VIP Unit (PI Monica Gori), based at the Italian Institute of Technology Genoa, Italy, since 2018. She is a Neurophysiologist and expert in EEG in sighted and blind infants. She is interested in sleep-wake cortical activity and the role of vision in it. 

Tracy Warbrick represents Brain Products GmbH, Gilching, Germany. As head of Education and Scientific Communication, working with research scientists and clinicians to optimise EEG applications is a high priority for Tracy. Her research background is in multimodal brain imaging, and she has a specific interest in simultaneous EEG-fMRI.

Ross E Vanderwert is a developmental scientist at Cardiff University representing the Tiny to Tots research group. He studies how early experiences shape brain development and function with an interest in how motor systems facilitate social cognition. 

Sanjana Gandhi is a Research Assistant within AIMS-2-TRIALS at King’s College London.  Her primary interest is identifying EEG-based neurocognitive markers and their relation to biobehavioural traits in individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities.  Additionally, Sanjana is passionate about improving the accessibility of research and clinical tools in low and middle resource countries.