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April 30, 2024

Dr Tomoki Arichi Awarded Funding

Dr Tomoki Arichi awarded funding for his cutting-edge research


This year Dr Tomoki Arichi, a lead member of R4N, has been awarded a 5 year Senior Clinical Fellowship from the Medical Research Council (MRC) of £2.1 million. We would like you to join us in congratulating Tom on achieving this milestone to support his work into perinatal imaging at King’s College London. These Fellowships are awarded only to outstanding individuals who are leading innovative research programmes and will support new research about the development of the human cortex in infancy and childhood using ultra-high field (7 Tesla) MRI and MRI-compatible Virtual Reality.

In conversation with Tom, he says “I’ve been very lucky to have been supported by the MRC throughout my career, firstly for my PhD as a Chain-Florey fellow 2009-2012, then as a Clinician Scientist Fellow (2017-2021), then a translational fellow (2021-2023), and now as a Senior Clinical Fellow for a further 5 years. All of this has been possible because of the fantastic and brilliant team of dedicated professionals I have been lucky enough to work with, which has allowed us to perform cutting-edge and hopefully impactful research”. . To hear more about Tom’s journey as a Clinician and Researcher follow read Tom’s interview with King’s College London earlier this year.

Picture 1: Tom and his team preparing the ultra-high field (7 Tesla) MRI for use. The ultra-high field (7 Tesla) MRI is currently the most powerful scanner available for use with humans in the UK and enables transformative research into disease affecting babies and children.

Picture 2: The MRI-compatible Virtual Reality system that Tom and his colleagues have developed and will use to study infants and toddlers

Picture 3: Some fMRI results along with a picture of the robotic stimulation device (top left) used during the capturing of these images.